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belt buckles for SCUNZANI made in Italy .

Crocodile belts brand SCUNZANI Made in Italy commissioned MHOX the design of a limited series of belt buckles.

Moving from the design vision introduced with the Collagene masks, the key points of the brief were the use of the fibrous formations generative strategy and aesthetic sensibility, the production of a limited edition series of unique buckles, the functional requirements of a belt buckle.

SCUNZANI Made in Italy belts and buckles are sold by SCUNZANI SNC

Taking advantage of the internal research on generative design techniques and sensibilities, MHOX tackled the unicity request by tailoring a specific software and workflow to automatically breed populations of buckles phenotypes. The software acts as the genotype behind each 3d model, allowing the designer to reverse the traditional approach to product design, from a top-down methodology, aimed at visualizing and optimizing a specific form, to a bottom-up one, based on the generation of hundreds of different possible morphologies and the selection of the fittest ones.

This way it was possible to create a wide range of unique objects, each of them embedding the high level of formal complexity of the fibrous formations, employing time resources compatible with the market.

Out of a pool of hundreds of phenotypes, the best twenty were selected and produced by 3d printing.

This project introduces a mass customization system for product design. Objects are automatically customized and produced, taking advantage of digital fabrication technologies such as 3d printing, reducing the costs of traditional customization.